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KATTY Q. Runner Up “World Sexiest Model DJs 2015″

Originally from Siberia, Katya Kazanova is, without doubt, one of the most traveled International female DJs in the circuit as of 2015, requested by fans of different genres all over the world.

What makes her set and appearances so unique, Katty Q. has never been showcasing only 1 style, rather made her name as an Open Format DJ, being dubbed the “The Queen of MashUp” with exceptional technical skills and mesmerising stage appearance and the ability to read her crowd, to give them exactly what they want, either on the big stage of EDM festivals, the intimate club experience or at one of her regular gigs in Super Clubs all across Asia, Europe and last but not least Russia, where she is a resident DJ for the most luxurious brands and venues.

In recent years Ekateriana Kazanova, who is a professional model since the tender age of 15, has appeared on numerous magazine covers, sets of catalogues, shop windows of major brands and even been an actor/model in music videos, commercials and movies plus being booked for projects and corporate events with world-renowned brands such as Swarovski product launches, “Russian Standard” – (exclusive tour DJ on a tour in all Asia), official DJ “Miss Russia”, FHM DJ tour, Hennessy Artistry and the list goes on.

The following destinations have been conquered by this young and aspiring talent, who has already gathered ten thousands of fans throughout the four corners of the world. Party capitals like Moscow, St Petersburg, Barcelona, Beirut, Bangkok, Zurich, Manila and Saigon are the places you will meet Katty Q. voted Runner up in the prestigious “World’s sexiest DJ” poll 2015 and Playboy’s favourite DJ same as 2 years in a row top 5 Russian international female DJs.

Official WEB: www.kattyQ.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/DJKattyQ

Twitter: www.twitter.com/djkattyQ

Instagram: www.instagram.com/DJKattyQ 

Upcoming Events

January 8/9 – Moscow, Russia

January 14-17 – Dubai, UAE

January 22-30 – India tour (Delhi, Mumbai, Goa, TBC)

February 5-20 – South East Asia, still open for Chinese New Year/Valentines

March 4/5 – Costa Rica


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Director, Talent Manager





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