24 Aprile 2018 14:47

Nick Anthony Simoncino

It’s been definitely a long wait: the vinyl pressing plants, their overbookings…All the usual stuff you may be familiar with, if you deal with music, records and you’re not a pretty big major label.

Bot who cares. As good music is timeless. Isn’t it.

And timelessness has always been a guide for our Nick Anthony Simoncino: his music defies gravity, defies the passing of ages, defies what’s past and what’s contemporaneity.
There are some true values, in his music, that has always been the foundation od with we call underground club culture, and always will be.

So, here we are: very proud to announce that “Mystic Adventures” is finally there.
It’s out on the well revered Vibraphone Records, if you’re a true house music digger you know what that means. It’s a nine tracks affair. It’s a double vynil. It’s gold. It’s where our hero put so many efforts, time and thoughtfulness. And, if you ask as, he succeeded indeed.

It’s exactly what we were dreaming to listen to. Give it a try it and, hopefully, grab it.




If you wanna dig further into Simoncino’s vision, and you’re at least slightly familiar with Italian language (…or used to rely on Google Translate as smartly as possible), here’s a very long interview our hero had with the most revered Italian website devoted to electronic music and club culture, Soundwall.

All Simoncino’s humility & love for music as his sharp view on things (be it music itself or the business environment surrounding dance music) is displayed in full range.

Read it here:


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