16 Novembre 2013 15:50

Tabarin: Top 100 Clubs

Brno, Czech Republic

If live music is at the heart of the Czech Republic’s Tabarin, then big room 4/4s are its beating pulse, playing host to a whole lotta house (progressive, electro, techno and straight-up) on the regular.

Once a live music cafe before the Velvet Revolution, Tabarin set a precedent for Czech bars and clubs countrywide. The instigator? DJ Mekki Martin — who first played at the club at the age of 14 and to whom the club owes its livelihood to — opened its floodgates to mainstream game-changers of the electronic scene in 1991.

Still spinning on its contemporary OHM system, Mekki presents the likes of Nicky Romero, Nervo, EDX and Tommy Trash to wealthy clubbers, slick young professionals and Czech supermodels, in attendance each week.


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