24 Giugno 2012 14:43

Top 100 Clubs: Space

1. Space

Address: Playa D’en Bossa, Ibiza Capacity: 3500 Web: Spaceibiza.com
They say excellence should be rewarded. Just as well, then, that has been voted to the top of this poll for the second year in a row. And quite rightly, too.

Setting up on the The White Isle back in 1989, this clubbing metropolis has been here for the long-haul, soaking up all the Balearic magic of the world’s No.1 clubbing hotspot, not resting on its laurels once. Pushing forward, embracing cutting-edge technology, better sound quality and more extravagant forms of entertainment, this club is about delivering a heightened dancefloor experience to those with a discerning flavour for on the island.

From its high-powered Funktion One to those exuberant displays of slinky, silver Lycra-clad dancers on stilts, Space presents a level of clubbing professionalism other nightclubs only dream of. Nitrogen lunar blasts, hi-res LED screens and retina-frying across a series of rooms, each imbued with their own unique sense of identity, but slotted perfectly into the overall picture of this well-oiled clubbing complex.

The Terrace, a space-age cauldron swirling with woozy energy; the , for those looking for an explosive big-room beyond any other; Sunset Terrace and its steamy terracotta haze, and La Salon and Red Box’s hidden back room intimacy. It’s got everything. Not forgetting, the enormous car park opened only for opening and closing, complete with confetti explosions on a stage armed with a stack of Funktion Ones powerful enough to bring down a fighter plane. The entire package is guaranteed exceptional, and, for some, the only reason to make a yearly trip to Ibiza.

The technicalities aside, the that play, residents such as , , Nick Curly and James Zabiela, speak of something other than hard facts, something more universal; a feeling of inclusion, with the family ethos of the club, something garnered by Pepe Rosello and his carefully-nurtured team, a vibe that transcends the staff and bleeds onto the dancefloor.

“I love to play at Space,” says Spanish house giant Uner. “First of all, because the crew is, for me, like a family. I always love the good vibes there. Space was my first gig. I’m in love with the club, the and the people.”

These are the same sentiments shared by Carl Cox (see box out), who celebrated the 11th year of his Revolution party last season, and looks forward to another. It’s the considered, tightly programmed flagship nights like this that make Space so special. Something for absolutely everyone with an ear for a decent beat. Nick Curly’s Kehakuma, Armin’s Be and We Love, just a few nights that make Ibiza what she is – a bonafide haven for undisputed clubbing excellence. And Space Ibiza is where to find it. Every goddamn time.


“Space represents who I am and what I’m about. Space was the first and at the time, the only place where you could listen to under the sun. It set the precedent for the after-hours club. Before that, people just expected a 2am kick out. Here, you went to the club at 7am! To be there now, giving something back, is really special to me.”


“Space has always been one of my favourite clubs in Ibiza, especially the Terrace. My nights and days in the booth have always been magic there! I love the underground vibe there and crowd is always amazing!”

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