1 Settembre 2012 16:36

Zouk: Top 100 Clubs


Address: Singapore Capacity: 3000 Webzoukclub.com


“Zouk Club is one of the reasons I like to tour in Asia. It’s one of my favourite clubs in the world that never lets me down,” says big room electro cat Hardwell. And it’s no big surprise. While Asia continues its rapid growth into a global clubbing colossus, with an increasing number of the world’s best venues spread across the continent all battling for supremacy, Zouk’s the one club that looms large above all others.

21 years young, it remains the No.1 for the best across the ; Sasha, , , , Steve Lawler and underground techno don Surgeon all played in 2011 alone.

Attracting an enthusiastic, dedicated and young crowd week on week, the nation state’s preeminent destination club is state-of-the-art. Boasting five mini-clubs that jostle for position within the confines of the futuristic structure, Phuture is all smooth curvatures and alien spacecraft, hi-tech aesthetics; Velvet Underground is both a plush lounge (Velvet Underground Lounge) and separate dance room with swish LED panels (Velvet Underground Dance), Zouk Club is a monument to the Balearic clubbing titans (though it could match them) with its ornate tiles, stucco stylings and ; there’s even a wine bar attached. Recently celebrating their second decade, their festival expanding at an exponential rate, this one is set to run and run.

“There’s a standard that Zouk has reached on all levels which makes the clubbing experience something special and unique. As a DJ it’s always an honour to play for them,” says Omid 16B.

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