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Carola Pisaturo

Come into Carola’s kitchen these days, as many delicacies are about to being served!

Especially if you hail from Milan: this week she’s going to play all night long at well revered Dude Club, a real institution within the truest high quality underground (check the usual line ups – definitely, one of the top clubs within the Continent, if you love it when a place carefully picks up who to book and who not).

She will be joined by her partner in crime Andrea Introvigne, as it all sums up in a proper Claque Musiquelabel night there at Dude Club – what a privilege for the label that Carola established several years ago!

Saturday the 10th of February is the Day, and the clubbing night will be preceded a few hours before by a workshop held at SAE, one of the best music teaching instsitutes all over the globe, with label mates The Museri.

But we’re not over with Milan: Carola will be featured – direct web broadcast – at bertallot.com
(Friday the 9th, 9PM CET), a definitive point of reference in Italy for high quality (and original) music contents on line.

Carola Pisaturo

When a dish is delicious, easily it has to be served again – hasn’t it? So “Formes 01”, an amazing display of all the treasures that Carola’s Claque Musique serves on a regular basis released last year, has been reissued by popular demand.

It’s hard to spot a highlight, as definitely through all the track of this double 12” what you get is tendentially gold, but you may start checking out Carola and Donato Dozzy collaborative effort, Oscar, and its brilliant output “B.B.”.

We really want to underline Carola’s skills and taste as label manager.
It’s easy to remember how brilliant she is as a dj, but her love for music is a 360° affair.

Shall we hand you some links?

Carola Pisaturo

…let us give you an extra treat: Zero – the place-to-go on the web if you want to know what’s best within major Italian cities cultural life – has asked Carola to name five Italian dj/producers she truly admires.

It turned out on a very interesting display of talents and some thoughtful words from Carola herself.

Here it is:


Carola Pisaturo

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