25 Novembre 2017 00:40

FTampa now #108 on DJ Mag TOP100

“A new star is born in Brazil” and “Brazilian DJ going global” are two sentences that perfectly summarize FTampa. The Los Angeles based artist and his international career have both lifted off with shows all around the world (USA, Canada, Dubai, Australia, India and more). With chart-topping tracks released on top record labels such as Spinnin, Revealed and Vicious, he is now a Sony Music artist. We have already seen FTampa’s performance at the first-ever Rock In Rio Las Vegas and the fairy tale dream of Tomorrowland Brazil (playing Main Stage and Revealed Stage) coming true. From his homeland heading over to Boom, FTampa is also playing at main stage in Tomorrowland Belgium.
Last Music Video :
FTampa now #108 on DJ Mag TOP100FTampa now #108 on DJ Mag TOP100
“Glowing”“Our Way feat. Kamatos”
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