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MTV USA VJ/DJ Mia (Las Vegas) Asia avails

MTV USA VJ/DJ Mia (Las Vegas) 

Asia avails. Jan 20 – Feb 15  

(with flights from MNL only) 

– mashup/electro/twerk/hiphop/EDM/tropical house –

She combines her dance skills, eclectic taste and natural beauty to become a DJ persona, who captivates the crowd at exclusive parties around the world. Music and dance have always been a passion for this Filipina artist, since she was a little girl, she found herself surrounded by DJ’s, that became familiar for her, that’s why Mia decided to learn the technics, song mixing and went to the records stores to pick up the hottest new tracks; that opened her up to a whole new world of Music.

DJMIA has long been fascinated with DJING in fact her first start at playing music was a monthly Friday—her middle school dances. Her two debut nights as a professional DJ were at Apl.de.ap’s (Black Eyed Peas) Birthday Party, and at Club Nacional joined by DJ Vice.

Aside from her DJ career Mia is recognized for her appearance in music videos as a dancer, she has worked for Britney Spears, Eminem, Nelly, Blink 182, System of a Down, Hoobastank, Black Eyed Peas and JC Chasez & many more. Also, you could see Mia before on TV at commercials for Burger King, Budweiser, Skintimate, Sunkist and Halifax Banking in Canada.

As a model Mia has had the opportunity to be part of print projects around the world like Jamaican Style, Import Tuner’s Magazine and Calendar, SouthPole’s Winter Japan Catalog, Playstation’s Video Game ad for “Narc”. She became Tokidoki’s Model-DJ and not only hosted Tokidoki’s events as a DJ but appeared in their spring and fall catalogs. In 2010, she appeared in Spin Magazine with an ad for Vitamin Water.

Working as a model and dancer gave Mia a contagious personality that she uses at her DJ gigs. Put her in front of a turntable and she proves that skill by making people dance all night long. DJMIA released her first mixtape CD in 2009 through Apl.de.Ap’s Jeepney Music. The mixtape included a blend of pop, hip hop and electro—genre’s popular today but at the time it was a step outside the typical DJ format; it’s a testament to her ‘future-pop’ thinking. DJMIA describes her genre as Space Music in mixing the hottest hip hop, pop, electro, dub-step & house tracks then adding her personal style that makes her mixes a unique audio signature. She’s released more than 14 mixes for all and made them freely available different websites.

Mia’s unique talents, personality, and ‘look’ opened her up to be a part of Television community. DJMIA joined to MTV Network in ’07 by becoming the show DJ of the Reality Show: MTV’s Celebrity Rap Superstar. She also joined Nick Cannon as a part of MTV’s Wild’n Out. 2008 saw her as the official DJ of MTV’s Randy Jackson Presents “America’s Best Dance Crew. The formula worked so well that she was invited back to do the next two seasons! In her native Philippines DJMIA joined her friend Apl.de.ap of the Black Eyed Peas with a live performance at the MYX Music Awards (The country’s version of the MTV Music Awards). They joined asian singer Billy Crawford at a performance at top rated Filipino show Wowowee.

DJMIA performs in clubs all over the U.S.; she’s DJ’d at some of Hollywood’s biggest events. Notably Jamie Foxx’s album release listening party, ‘What Happens in Vegas’ movie premiere, ‘Informers’ movie premiere after party, and the Official After Party Gala for Manny Pacquiao. In Asia, she hosted the both the 2008 and 2009 Johnny Walker F1 After Party, and even rang in the New Year Dj-ing in India. It hasn’t stopped there—she’s hosted parties in countries all over the world including Canada, Philippines, Singapore, China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, India, and Korea.

She’s always on the move. As a business-woman she preps her online clothing accessory store. She packs her suitcase often to showcase her talents and DJs skills worldwide. And she always comes home to her residency at the biggest club in Hollywood—The Highlands.

www.twitter.com/DJMIA www.myspace.com/DJMIA www.pinterest.com/tastemaker2013 




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