6 Novembre 2012 16:19


Dj & Producer

starter his DJ career in 1989, but after a short while he added many side activities to the main one, and nowadays he’s well known and appreciated not only as a DJ but also as a producer, discographer, remixer, composer and so on. He has DJ’d virtually every club in during the golden age of progressive, techno and hardstyle music, between 1990 and 2005, and has toured along Germany and UK (among others); his name has been in the line-up of some of the major events of the , including the legendary Berlin Love Parade (edition 2001). As regards discography he is the founder of such brands as Gas Records, Sound Barrier, and he released some very important issues over a rather long period of time; in 1996 his “The King and the Nursery” was recognized as the most influential track of the year in the scene, while in 2003 his “Daimoku” was charted by Pete Tong for BBC Radio 1. The activity has taken a great importance after the partnership with Maurizio Montanari; from this moment (2007) on, the team of which he is a part (Martin, Nocera, Montanari) has released a number of very important issues, mainly for Net’s Work Records, for such artists as Cerrone vs. Vega (), Axwell (It’s True), John Dahlback (More Than I Wanted), Jerry Ropero (Bangladesh), vs. Two in a Room (Wiggle It), Louie Vega presents Anane (Shake dat Booty), the Italian Provenzano (I’m Waiting), only to name a few; the team, after such a bunch of collaborations, took the courage to produce a single, Believe (Net’s Work Records, released summer 2008), which is completely written, composed, performed, sung and produced by the team itself. Alex Nocera, together with Maurizio Montanari, is now going to complete an innovative concept of live set, planned mainly for clubs but not only, which will blend the various experiences and the different skills of the creators (Djing, live performances, technology) into a really emotional and astounding event.


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