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Blasterjaxx: Dj Stories


Music from the heart can be heard by the universe.

Thom & Idir (Blasterjaxx)
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Thom Jongkind (22) and Idir Makhlaf (20), better known as producer/deejay duo Blasterjaxx in the music industry, are anything but the same. While one is often prominent and empowering, the other prefers staying quietly in the background – a fairly high contrast in character. However, there is one significant reason for the phenomenal connection between these two personalities: their passion and love of music.

Mid 2010, Thom Jongkind – then operating by the name of Scalix – decided to set up a DJ duo named Blasterjaxx together with another producer at the time. Thom quickly noticed that huge steps were taken in the field of productions and that the range towards their audience was constantly increasing. Nevertheless, the personal chemistry between both producers started decreasing. Thus, it was Thom who focused more and more on music, while the other producer started having other priorities. Shortly after, they mutually agreed on ending their collaboration as a duo and decided that Thom would continue with the Blasterjaxx label.

Because Thom believed that Blasterjaxx would only be complete as a duo, he started looking for possibilities of a new, and this time around, perfect collaboration. In the meantime, Thom had been charmed by Idir Makhlaf for a while, who was operating by the name of Macosta. Only after a few collaborations it was already clear how well they hit off; a new Blasterjaxx duo was born with – what subsequently appeared – an unparalleled amount of talent and potential. Together they plan on taking over the world with their unique sound, which is best described as a crossover between electro-house, progressive and big room.

In 2012, Blasterjaxx was able to show their true nature and proved to be everything but an ephemera. Together with D-Rashid they produced the Reborn EP with two tracks: Reborn and Where We Go. An EP-name with a story behind it, for this EP is in fact symbolic for Blasterjaxx’ renewed sound, which they want to introduce and conquer the worldwide audience with. A rebirth that eventually turned out to be a bombshell, because none other than Laidback Luke was eager to sign the tracks at his own label: Mixmash Records.

Blasterjaxx experienced one of the highlights in their relatively young career in early 2013, as they produced their newest production Loud & Proud together with Billy The Kit. None other than Tiësto approached the guys personally to sign the track at his own record label Musical Freedom.

Many successes and milestones followed which resulted in the fact that Blasterjaxx are now seen as one of the most promising EDM artists in the world. Something Thom & Idir are very down-to-earth with, but the facts don’t lie. For example Tiësto asked them in person to remix his worldwide hitsingels “Adagio for strings & “Love Comes again”; and asked the guys to do a collaboration on the remix of “United”, the official anthem of Ultra Music Festival. Also their’ collaboration with Quintino “Puzzle”, the official Blasterjaxx “More” remix(from Laidback Luke, Dimitri Vegas/Like Mike) and the “Koala EP” achieved top rankings in the Beatport Chart Top 100. This translated itself to support from the biggest deejays on earth: David Guetta, Hardwell, Afrojack, Tiësto, Laidback Luke, Nicky Romero and many more.

Also the lastest Blasterjaxx single “Faith” is doing big already. Recently the single officially made it to the status of “Dance Smash” in Holland. The “Dance Smash” is a weekly track nomination choosen by Hollands biggest radiostation “538” which they think has huge potential to become a worldwide hit.
With this “Dance Smash” nomination Blasterjaxx will follow the footsteps of the following singles which also were nominated for the Dance Smash and eventually became worldwide hits: Sandro Silva & Quinto “Epic”, Pitbull Ne-yo & Afrojack “Give me everything”, Alexandra Stan “Mr Saxobeats”, etc. The single “Faith” also entered the world famous DMC Buzz Chart.

In september 2013 Blasterjaxx reached another huge milestone. Their track “Fifteen” in collaboration with the #1 deejay of the world Hardwell came out September 9 on Revealed Recordings. Just after six days the track hit the #1 spot in the Beatport Main Chart!

Although it already was a good Blasterjaxx year full of great news and highlights, things were getting better on the 19th of October 2013: Blasterjaxx entered the DJ Mag Top 100 best deejays in the world on #71! With this they are ranked in the most exclusive DJ list in the world with legends like als Avicii, Tiësto, Hardwell, David Guetta, Afrojack, Skrillex, Calvin Harris, Daft Punk, Laidback Luke, Kaskade, Sebastian Ingrosso, Steve Angello and a few more legendary names.

Without any form of active campaign or promoting; the Blasterjaxx camp was mindblown by this huge achievement. An achievement Blasterjaxx consinders as a gift from their fans. A very big gift and they’re incredibly grateful for. Although this is an huge unexpected achievement, this is just the beginning. Like the new #1 DJ in the world Hardwell says: If you can dream it, you can do it.


Despite numerous hits, releases and novelties, this is yet the beginning of Blasterjaxx. The right question to ask is not if they will break through, but when they will break through! Keep ears and eyes open people, because Blasterjaxx is the future!

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scrizione a Facebook18/01/2011

Data di pubblicazione2010

GenereDutch, Electro-House, Big Room

MembriThom Jongkind & Idir Makhlaf

Città nataleDen Haag

Etichetta discograficaMixmash Records, Musical Freedom, Smash The House, DirtyDutchMusic, Universal Music, Defected

Informazioni di contatto

Sito Webwww.blasterjaxx.com

Contatto stampa[email protected]

PrenotazioniManagement: [email protected] | BOOKINGS | Dutch: [email protected] | North American: [email protected] | Worldwide: [email protected]


Gli inizi

Nel 2010, Thom Jongkind, allora conosciuto con il nome Scalix, e un altro produttore (il cui nome rimane sconosciuto) decisero di dar vita al progetto Blasterjaxx istituendo un duo di dj. Thom si accorse fin dall’inizio che entrambi stavano facendo passi da giganti a livello di produzioni e fece caso anche al crescente aumento di fan. Il rapporto tra i due produttori però iniziò presto a sfaldarsi, tanto che dopo poco tempo dalla nascita del gruppo, Thom fu lasciato solo a portare avanti il label Blasterjaxx con cui decise di continuare a operare nell’ambito musicale.

Per Thom comunque il progetto Blasterjaxx per essere completo necessitava di un secondo componente oltre a lui, così iniziò le ricerche. Nel frattempo, Thom conobbe Idir Makhlaf a quel tempo noto comeMacosta e dopo un paio di collaborazioni tra i due, Idir fu scelto come secondo componente dei Blasterjaxx.

Il successo

I Blasterjaxx sono arrivati al successo grazie a molte case discografiche di musica dutch, come la Defected Records, la Universal, la Dirty Dutch Records e la G-Rex. Sono inoltre stati appoggiati da dj di fama internazionale come: Sidney SamsonGregor SaltoFranky RizardoVato Gonzalez e molti altri.

Nel 2011, il loro bootleg del tormentone Hello di Martin Solveig, fece scalpore a livello nazionale. Il remix fu ascoltato più di un milione di volte.

Nel 2012 i Blasterjaxx producono il loro primo EP ”Reborn” con D-Rashid. All’interno erano presenti le due tracce Reborn e Where we go. Fu allora che Laidback Luke decise di sponsorizzare attraverso la sua etichetta, la Mixmash Records, le due produzioni. A Dicembre le tracce furono rilasciate e in una settimana entrambe erano nelle Beatport Electro Charts Top 100, rispettivamente al 14º posto (Where we go) e al 16º posto (Reborn). In più il loro EP si classificò primo nella Beatport Top 100 Releases, grazie anche all’appoggio di produttori come: TiëstoLaidback LukeDiploSteve AokiDada LifeRobbie Riverae altri.

Nel 2013, dopo aver rilasciato l’EP Koala con il label Ones To Watch (che conteneva le tracce GriffinKoala e Miami) e il singolo Loud & Proud in collaborazione con Billy The Kit, firmano per la Musical Freedom, label ufficiale di dj Tiësto. Inoltre hanno partecipato a Tomorrowland 2013.

Il 19 Ottobre 2013 sono entrati per la prima volta nella classifica dei 100 dj più famosi del 2012-2013 (Top100Djs) stilata dalla rivista DjMag, piazzandosi in 71ª posizione.


I Blasterjaxx suonano principalmente musica dutch houseelectro-house e big room, nelle loro produzioni viene spesso inserito un kick a bassa frequenza molto violento nel ritornello e melodie articolate ma ripetitive, come si può sentire in KoalaMiamiReborn e Loud & Proud.



  • Dealer - Blasterjaxx
  • Get Down - Blasterjaxx
  • Bambu - Blasterjaxx
  • La Vaca - Blasterjaxx
  • Kingston - Blasterjaxx
  • Afrika - Blasterjaxx
  • Like Thiz - Blasterjaxx
  • Blossom - Blasterjaxx
  • Dopenez Anthem - Blasterjaxx
  • Devotion - Blasterjaxx
  • Bomberjack - Blasterjaxx
  • FaYa - Blasterjaxx
  • Toca Flute - Blasterjaxx
  • Jaxx - Blasterjaxx
  • Where we go - Blasterjaxx feat. D-Rashid
  • Reborn - Blasterjaxx feat. D-Rashid
  • Griffin - Blasterjaxx
  • Koala - Blasterjaxx
  • Miami - Blasterjaxx
  • Bermuda - Blasterjaxx
  • Rock Like This - Blasterjaxx & Dave Till
  • Loud & Proud - Blasterjaxx feat. Billy the kit
  • Fifteen - Blasterjaxx
  • Faith - Blasterjaxx
  • Puzzle - Quintino & Blasterjaxx
  • That Big - Yves V & Blasterjaxx
  • Untitled - Ade
  • Mystica - Blasterjaxx
  • Snake - Blasterjaxx


  • Hello (Blasterjaxx Dutch Afro Remix) – Martin Solveig
  • Adagio For Strings (Blasterjaxx Remix) – Tiesto
  • Scream (Blasterjaxx Remix) – Mind Electric
  • United (Tiësto and Blasterjaxx Remix) – Tiësto, Quintino & Alvaro
  • Show Me (Blasterjaxx Remix) – Manuel Galey
  • Vamos De Rumba (Blasterjaxx Remix) – Junior Rodgers
  • Tsunami (Blasterjaxx Remix) - DVBBS & Borgeous
  • MORE (Blasterjaxx Remix) – Laidback Luke & Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike
  • Dimitto (Let Go) (Blasterjaxx Remix) – Kato & Safri Duo feat. Bjornskov
  • Love Comes Again (Blasterjaxx Remix) – Tiësto feat. BT
  • World In Our Hands (Blasterjaxx Remix) – Quintino & Alvaro
  • Desperado (Blasterjaxx Remix) - Pascal & Pearce ft. LCNVL


  • Dealer EP (“Dealer” & “Get Down“)
  • Reborn EP (“Reborn” & “Where we go“)
  • Koala EP (“Griffin“, “Koala” & “Miami“)

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