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DJ Ngelik is one of the first women to secure an international career as a DJ; she has dazzled her crowds with her immense skill, beauty and voice. She is iconic for her era, and here’s why.Ngelik plays a colossal style of Electro and progressive house combining her proficiency with the turntable. This futuristic elegance in her music has secured Ngelik many shows with the best DJs around the world. She has shared sets with Eric Morillo, Above and Beyond and Oliver Giacomotto, just to name a few.

Hailing from sunny Madrid, Ngelik has played over 200 venues all over the world showing that she has a real experience rocking the world with her music. With more than nine years of experience in the DJ scene, she has adapted to many different genres and developments in the electronic music sphere. Her eclectic style ranges from progressive house and electro to techno, and more recently the new sounds of the huge EDM scene. You can’t deny her phenomenal diversity.

Whilst her incredible prowess to perform as a DJ is her main asset, Ngelik’s beauty has also earned her some notable recognition. She has featured in God is a Djane, Worldwide, and Maxim magazine.

She has won different awards during her reinforced career such as: number one DJ in the minimal-electro category for “Top DJs Venezuela” in 2007, second best female DJ in the Top 100 category, number one female DJ in Caracas city, the number one DJ in the Tech-house Category for the 2008 edition and second in 
the prestigious annual poll “WORLD SEXIEST MODEL DJ 2013″.

Ngelik has the invaluable skill of knowing what the crowd wants. After all, she loves to party just like them. With Ngelik running the show, the party never dies.

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