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DJ NGELIK: Dj Stories

2006 is marked by her first international in Panama and that’s where all beagn. That same year she joins band “Parkas” as singer and lead voice. She debuts as vocalist during Mozarfest at the “Aula Magna” of the Universidad Central de Venezuela. However, due to her commitments as a , she decides to leave the band.
From her debut up to this date she has positioned herself, not only as DJ Ngelik but also by her performance duet name “Manga Dolls” alongside another Venezuelan DJ, as an icon for Electronic music in Venezuela and one of its most important international representatives.
She has been selected as N.1 for the Minimal-Electro category in 2007′s “ Venezuela”, second best female DJ in the Top 100 category, first female DJ in Caracas and N.1 DJ for the Tech-House edition of 2008. She was interviewed twice by, and poses for, Maxim Magazine; her second photo shoot for the magazine, accompanied by other female from around the world, is distributed to other magazines such as FHM Croatia, FHM Portugal, FHM Rumania, Maxim Czech Republic, Maxim Greece and Maxim Latinamerica; her artist image as a DJ is used in a Sketchers commercial spot and also in the musical video for the track “Ok la” of her colleague DJ and producer, Patafunk. She has shared the stage, and DJ Booth, with notorious international artists and producers.
Recently influenced by Underground music, this artist knows how to bring together diverse music styles to oversee the dance floor, please the audience and leave an enduring mark of a performance that cannot be forgotten.
Musical creation and composition is the newest and biggest interest for this artist.
Her technique mesmerizes those that get close to the stage. Her charisma, vitality and awareness while mixing, fills the audience with the innermost need to dance. Her main interest, however, lies in being herself during her performances; this is the reason why her music comes from her own musical selection based on themes she personally likes, and is not influenced by any DJ or producer.
Her career continues to expand in countries such as , Vietnam, China, Poland, Russia, Malaysia, Indonesia as well as several latin american and central american countries, in parallel to her monthly residency in a recognized club in Venezuela.
“The 1210′s soon beckoned, and within two short years, the brunette became one of the world’s most watched on the one’s and two’s.” (Anna B – RWD Magazine)

DJ NGELIK (Venezuela)
Asian Tour July 2013
July 24 – option VIETNAM
July 25 – confirmed MONGOLIA
July 26 – confirmed MALAYSIA
August 1 – available
August 2 – available
August 3 – available


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