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Pat Farrell (CH) : Dj Stories




In collaboration with Antoine in 2010 he released the most successful Houseworks Megahits Vol. 4, which remained in the Top 10 in the Swiss charts for more than 10 weeks. The follow-up project Houseworks “Ultra” went from #0 to #2 in the Swiss charts in 2011. These significant compilations were followed up by remix orders in Europe for Superstar Inna & Flo Rida (Romania & USA) Anda Adam (Romania), Guesta Project (France) and Maddison (), which he produced with Josh Green among others. These key collaborations were strengthened by later features with popular singers, including Tony T. and Akay (Overground, 2003, platinum in for the album “It’s Done”, 2003 Bravo Otto Gold, 2004, gold record with “TV Allstars” and “Schick mir ’nen Engel” (Send me an Angel), Best Newcomer 2004).

Further opportunities presented themselves around the world by popular demand. Radio shows titled “Electro Grooves” are presented weekly in France, Singapore, Indonesia, Egypt, Greece, the Netherlands and Germany. He made his professional app, uniquely named “iPat”, available for free in the App Store to keep his fans up-to-date on the latest dates, photos, radio shows and news.

Pat was caught by the house/electro wave in 2006 and his talent and strong ambition have since propelled his career to the top. His “Electro Grooves Vol. 1” reached no. 8 in the Swiss charts in 2008. In collaboration with Chris Reece (producer of Dinka, Daniel Portmann, EDX) he also produced singles including Pay no Mind, Confused, Clocks, Sister Walk Away und Marshmallow Dream, all of which climbed to the top 2 in the download charts. International gigs in , Germany, Austria, Greece and Turkey followed.

As well as running a successful DJ business, he is also an active co-producer and event organizer. He has had great success with his party labels “Sensational”, “Electro Grooves (EG)” and “5h Marathon”. He has been drawing in fans at the Street Parade in his “lovemobile” since 2001. The Street Parade is one of the biggest techno festivals in the world, attracting more than 1 million visitors every year.




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