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Thomas Gold: Dj Stories

Thomas Gold Dj & Producer Berlinese di nascita, è sicuramente una delle figure più promettenti del panorama electro house internazionale. Inizia giovanissimo, avvicinandosi alla musica all’età di 7 anni. La vera rivoluzione come lui ha più volte confessato è stato l’acquisto del suo primo sintetizzatore, un o Yamaha DX-11 all’età di 15 anni. […]

DJ JANA: Dj stories

DJ JANA:   K-Swiss, Playboy, Heineken  DJ JANA (Miami, USA)  – tour DJ for Lauren Hill and Kanye West DJ Jana is now back to her original stomping grounds of Florida, where she fell in love with DJing. Her last few years living in California and traveling the world Jing have truly been a blessing. Jana’s favorite […]

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DJ MIKI TAKA: Dj Stories

DJ MIKI TAKA  (USA/JP)  – official EA NEED FOR SPEED DJ  Biography:     From the days of boom-boxes and cassette tapes, Miki dreamt to share music with the world. Little did she know that all it would take is one good risk and a leap of faith to turn that dream into reality… […]

Marquee Dayclub & Nightclub: TOP 100 CLUBS

Capacity: 3000 Address: Las Vegas, NV, US Web: marqueelasvegas.com A sprawling club complex in the heart of North America’s ultimate party city, Marquee is arguably one of the key architects of the Stateside dance music revolution. Split into the Dayclub — a sun-blazed, opulent poolside space open seven days a week during the Spring season […]

SABRINA TERENCE (Germany) : Dj Stories

Biography Listed in DJ Magazine as Top 50 in the Middle East (voted No. 15 in the polls) it gives us great pleasure to introduce to you the unique DJ based in Dubai (UAE)! Sabrina is one of the Biography Listed in DJ Magazine as Top 50 in the Middle East (voted No. 15 in […]

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