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Julian Jordan: Dj Stories

Julian Jordan is a 17 year old producer from The Netherlands ready to take over the dance floors all around the world. With his rough beats and big progressive tunes, he is more than ready for a big future. His tracks are already […]

Derrick May: Dj Stories

Derrick May, anche noto come Mayday e Rhythim is Rhythim (Detroit, 6 aprile 1963), è un musicista statunitense. Assieme a Juan Atkins eKevin Saunderson è considerato l’inventore del genere musicale Techno. La carriera di May iniziò nel 1987 con la pubblicazione del singolo Nude Photo, uno dei classici che diedero via al genere Detroit techno. […]

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DJ AMELY : Dj Stories

DJ AMELY (Ukraine)  “World Sexiest Model Dj 2013″    Asian Tour December 2013    www.facebook.com/djaneamely djamely.com.ua/ www.youtube.com/amelyDJ soundcloud.com/djaneamely   […]

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DJ MIKI TAKA: Dj Stories

DJ MIKI TAKA  (USA/JP)  – official EA NEED FOR SPEED DJ  Biography:     From the days of boom-boxes and cassette tapes, Miki dreamt to share music with the world. Little did she know that all it would take is one good risk and a leap of faith to turn that dream into reality… […]


DJ SEHEREZADE BIOGRAPHY   Dj Seherezade was born on 6th October 1990 in Budapest, Hungary. The Vivien name was chosen by her father, but her mother wanted to call her first child Seherezade, because her mother always read the 1001 Night Fairy Tales in her childhood with Seherezade’s grandmother. Her mother decided that […]